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ZYTO Scan for Lyme Disease

The ZYTO scan presents a promising avenue to manage Lyme disease by offering a personalized assessment of your body's health and stress level. This includes evaluating the presence of specific microbes such as borrelia, babesia, and Epstein-Barr virus; as well as specific toxins like mold or heavy metals.

Toxins, often acquired through diet and environmental exposures, significantly impact Lyme disease prognosis. By utilizing ZYTO technology to pinpoint their sources and facilitate their removal, we observe gross improvements in Lyme disease symptoms.

Given Lyme disease's multifaceted impact on the body and its symptom overlap with other conditions, ZYTO may aid in identifying the areas of imbalance or dysfunction in your body. This enables a more tailored and informed treatment strategy.

Furthermore, the ZYTO generates a personalized list of medicines which aim to balance your stressed body systems, improve detoxification, and reduce microbial and toxic load. For example, if viruses are detected as a major issue, ZYTO may recommend a specific antiviral formula. Similarly, if toxicity is flagged, ZYTO may suggest medicines to enhance detoxification processes.

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The image pictured above shows a sample detoxification stressor report from a Lyme disease patient. You can see that the top stressor for her body was "chemicals," followed by several different pathogens and toxins: fungi/mold, pesticides, viruses, bacteria, and parasites. 

ZYTO guilford products.png

And above here you can see that the "Chemtox" formula made by Deseret Biologics (DB), listed as a "balancer," potentially offers benefit in the removal of chemicals and their associated toxicity for this particular patient.

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