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Electrodermal Testing

What is electrodermal testing?

Electrodermal testing is an approach using various forms of technology that may help to assess the health and function of your body. Also known as bio-energetic testing, it's based on the concept of galvanic skin response, meaning that the measurable electric properties of your skin can provide information about the health of the corresponding organs and systems being tested. 

Practitioners typically assess acupuncture points on your hands or feet using a device capable of detecting changes in your skin's electrical properties. The test is typically quick, non-invasive, and painless. 

Should electrodermal testing be used by itself?

While many people find value in electrodermal testing, it's best used in combination with other diagnostic tools such as laboratory markers and imaging studies. It is not meant to be used in replacement of conventional diagnostic tools. 

What are examples of electrodermal tests?

There are various electrodermal devices used around the world, and some of them include:

Vega: operates on the principles of electroacupuncture according to Reinhold Voll, focusing on the body's energy meridians and acupuncture points. During the procedure, a patient holds a handpiece connected to the Vega machine, which measures the skin's electrical conductance at these points as various substances are introduced into the circuit. The machine's readings are interpreted by the practitioner to assess the body's response to these substances, potentially indicating sensitivities or imbalances.

QEST4: uses a hand-held device connected to a computer to measure skin conductance at acupuncture points. Practitioners use the QEST4 system to test for sensitivities, imbalances, and potential health issues. Like other devices, it generates reports based on the readings.

Zyto: uses a hand cradle connected to a computer. The patient rests their hand on the cradle, and the device sends small electrical signals through the skin to measure the body's responses to these signals. These responses are then interpreted by the Zyto software, which generates a report indicating which substances or products the body responds positively or negatively to.

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