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Call Us Today!
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At Guilford Holistic Health Practitioners, our work is centered on helping our patients achieve and maintain good health.

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These have become top priorities in the lives of many people today; without that our lives are limited and diminished in quality. Along with increased awareness about health has come an elevated respect for the healing power of nature. Some twentieth-century health practitioners draw on wealth of knowledge that has origins in early times when human beings sought and derived well-being through natural means.

Naturopathic medicine is based on the healing power of nature. A naturopathic physician treats the person holistically to create a balance among the physical, emotional and spiritual parts of the whole person and to ensure health. To activate the healing process, naturopathic physicians use a variety of means including herbal remedies, vitamins and minerals, diet, exercise and relaxation techniques. They blend age-old ways with the benefits of modern diagnostic techniques, to address the source of problems rather then merely the symptoms, and to restore and maintain good health for people of all ages. Conditions treated include allergies, arthritis, acute infections, autoimmune diseases, cancer (including support for conventional approaches), cardiovascular diseases, Candida, fatigue and chronic and degenerative diseases.

Naturopathic physicians count on the active participation of the individual. Doctor and patient work together to address and meet the particular needs of the individual seeking diagnosis, consultation and treatment. At the same time, naturopathic physicians also serve as teachers, working closely with individuals to guide them to lifestyles that fend off illness before it begins. This preventative approach helps ensure a balance leading to optimal health. See our Service page for more information.

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